What is this? It's kind of spooky isn't it? No. Actually I think it is very cute! This is a Snapling....a young snapper plant. It is just perfect for your haunted dollhouse, or a cute pet for your miniature witch doll! I just adore making these. I have been creating my snapper plants for 5 years and I am pretty proud of them.

It's a hand-sculpted "head" on a pose-able green stem, set into moss in a neat mini planter. This one measures 2.5 inches high as shown.

Would you like your own? I can arrange that!

This little guy is available in my Etsy shop.

Please contact me via my website contact page if you wanted one specially made for you.

See you later! Thanks for visiting my bloggy thing.

This is Alicia the Stone Faerie Trollfling! She is for adoption in my Etsy shop

I really love her eyes, they have tiny bits of rainbowey prismatic glitter in them! She is quite lovely, I hope you agree!

A Man Eating Monster Plant named Morty

OOH just imagine this funny fellow in your miniature haunted dollhouse!
Please meet Morty, he is a maneating plant doll that I have created. He has a nice smile, don't you think??

4.5 inches high and gently poseable, a really cool realistic monster pet for your witch doll or haunted house! Also would make a neat friend companion for yourself. He will definitely make you grin!

Now available in my Etsy shop...

I love creating haunted plants and monsters. I adore Halloween. I have been making my monster houseplants for about six years and everyone seems to love them!

Thanks so much for coming by my blog today and happy hauntings!

The Monster Plants by
Amber Matthies

CDHM Fantasy artisan

This is little Lynnie. She is a Stone Dragon baby Trollfling! Isn't she just the cutiest?? Perhaps I love the little dragon babies most of all, something about them tugs at my heartstrings.

I have been making my baby dragon Trollflings for quite some time and little Lynnie is one of my alltime favorites. I took so many pictures of her but I chose this one for this post because it really shows off her pretty colors.

Lynnie is available in my ETSY shop for adoption. Click the link below to see her listing.

Thank you for stopping in!

Troll wishes,
Amber Matthies

A Royal Princess Trollfling, Rachel

Isn't she lovely??

This is Rachel, a royal GYPSY princess Trollfling. I love her purple eyes especially. She is a bit of a free spirit, and just adores the teal accents in her hair. The Royal trollflings have always brought me a bit of luck when they are around, maybe they will for you as well!

She is very tiny, here she is pictured next to my Amber ring. Her beautiful wings were created by my special friend Patricia Carlson who is a CDHM artisan! Her wings are just to die for and they are so well made.

Rachel is now available for purchase in my Artfire shop. You can find her at the link below. Thanks for stopping in!
Royal Gypsy Rachel

To all of my American friends, I would like to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! Have a wonderful holiday. To all of my international friends...have a blessed week!

Troll wishes always,
Amber Matthies
The Trollflings