A great big Trollfling HELLO!

Hello everyone.

Wow I haven't blogged in what seems like forever! Just get busy...real busy. Sometimes I forget this is even here! BUT checking my stats it does seem that I get visitors and wow I am really happy about that. Thanks!

I sit and I try to think of clever and witty things to say but nothing comes to me. Life is still the same for me here....I still make trolls week in and week out. I still love my job so much and I get to meet the neatest people. I've been trying new things...and of course getting new awesome supplies all the time...the trolls have been very happy with me!

We have a new type of troll here from Edgehill...the Trollie Troll animals which my talented husband has been making. Have you seen them yet? They are totally adorable (find them on my website!) I also have a few still available in my artfire store but they won't last long.

I've been organizing and cleaning and getting things ready for crazy Christmas. We love Christmas, but seeing as we have six little elves here in the cottage it just makes things that much more hectic. I don't get out a lot so most of my shopping is done online, which is always neat. I practically live in my pajamas and I will be the first to admit it.

Found out I am going to be an AUNT this spring which I am super happy about. Love ya Zach and Kylie!

I will be updating again soon with a goblin gnome, perhaps tomorrow. For now I will say goodbye, but it is never really a goodbye...more like see you later!

Troll hugs to all my friends,


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