Woodland Trollfling Goblin Lukas

My newest stone goblin, meet Lukas! He is a newer type of doll that I have been having so much fun creating. Standing three inches high from his foot to his ear with the biggest brown eyes. Wearing some leathery type brown tights and a little shiny here and there on his belt and in his hair! Here are some preview photos of our Lukas who will be available in my CDHM gallery AUGUST 7th for purchase/adoption.

I hope to have many more of these little stone trollflings within the next coming months they are sooo much fun to create.
Thanks ever so much for visiting and do come to see us again soon!
Troll wishes,
Amber Matthies

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Moppelelfe said...

Oh how cute!

All your Trollflings are so wonderfully magic and this one I like most!

Best wishes from Germany!