The real story behind the Baby Ghost Trollflings

I get a lot of requests for different Halloween trolls that I create every year around Autumn. Bats, little monsters....pumpkins etc...but the little baby ghosts have a story all their own.

It goes back to when I was a child. Oh around 1983 or so. My mother was enrolled in a local Ceramics class in Virginia Beach Virginia. She would get together with other Navy wives and have a sort of craft night together. My mom loved to paint and besides she brought home the cutest little creations from her classes. We had easter bunnies, little horses....a beautiful indian maiden that she painted all herself. Every season when the holidays would change she would proudly display the little collectibles she created.

One of my all-time favorites that she made was a Mommy ghost pushing a baby ghost in a carriage. It was such a pretty mom ghost with a pearl finishing and the baby had big blue eyes. I actually looked forward to seeing that cute mommy ghost and her baby every Halloween when my mom would bring out the decorating box. The mom ghost looked so happy and the baby was just so adorable. I remember admiring them and arranging them. To me they were real and I truly loved them.

Now that I am an artist, I think back to so long ago....almost 25 years ago and how that Mom and baby ghost that made me happy. I want to evoke those same feelings with my own art. A little baby that is so darling it just makes you want to smile.

So there you have it. The baby ghost story! I have been asked SO many times where my inspiration comes from, and it comes from everywhere. My happy childhood, my own beautiful children and of course my IMAGINATION!

Little Mindi up there is available for adoption now in Ebay for a few more days and if you would like to adopt her we would be happy that you did! Every baby ghost needs a happy home for Halloween!
Mindi's listing is here->
Happy Hauntings! Until next time my friends...

Troll wishes always,
Amber Matthies

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