My very latest dragon, a commission doll

I am not available for commissions on a regular basis but I do accept a few now and then depending on my schedule! I do have six little kids here at home and my time is so limited between being a mommy and an artist ...but I do enjoy working with my lovely collectors to create a troll just for them. I hope to be able to accept them on a full time basis...maybe someday! I just simply don't have the time to accept more than one or two a month at the moment. I do thank everyone that has inquired about their own troll! Of course there are always trolls to adopt NOW in my shops! (links to the right over there)

My last commission I have completed is a purple dragon FULL of sparkles named Ayla for our pal Iza!
Give me a few ideas, eye color, boy or girl and expression and I do my very best to get you the Trollfling that you would love! It's that simple and lots of fun. I have the honor of creating a special tiny Royal princess this week.
So keep an eye out on my Facebook page or on this blog for when I am available next and hope to see you all again soon! Bye for now!

Troll wishes always,
Amber Matthies

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