Trollfling Fairy Frogs-our newest Eliana

Ever since I was a tiny tiny child I have loved frogs and toads. Finding a little toad in the yard was like christmas day for me. So sweet with their little wide mouths and shining gold eyes. Here I am some 30 years later and I still love them! We have a fish pond here in our yard and every so often we will catch a frog just hanging around.

So maybe that is why you might wonder why I make so many frogs. Now you know :)

That being said, I have another frog for you today, meet Eliana!

Eliana is a princess fairy frog, imagine finding her in your yard! So beautiful with the prettiest wings. A little more than a handful a smallish frog and so brightly colored.

You can find her in Ebay for the next few days if you were interested in adopting her, your own forever friend!
Thanks for stopping by, do bookmark our blog and come see us again soon. Bye for now!
Troll wishes,
Amber Matthies


duendes said...
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Amber said...

Oh so very cute your blog! Thank you for sharing, and happy that you like my little trolls!
Troll wishes, Amber Matthies