The Trollfling's SIXTH Anniversary!!!

Yep you read that right! It is our SIXTH year of creating Trollflings and I must say it has been So much fun. I never thought it possible in a gazillion years that I would ever be a full time artist, even though it was my dream. Dreams do come true ladies and gentlemen....

I have met the most wonderful people...fellow artists and collectors. I will say this I have the best collectors in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD and each one of you is just as sweet as the one before. I still can't believe sometimes how lucky the Trollflings and myself are to have such awesome people like you on our side!

In July of 2004 I created my very first Trollfling troll and I have been making them ever since. I have six children here at home so being a stay at home mom and artist is just ideal. I plan on doing this for my entire life...I'm pretty sure this is my destiny. *smile* In that time I have been honored and BLESSED to have been in three wonderful magazines and have been named CDHM ( Artist of the Month. I have also been given the Froudian Artist of the Month award way back in August of 2006. I hate to float my own boat but really the honors all belong to the Trollflings :)

Seeing as the children are out of school for the summer I can't create as many Trollflings as I would like to. I appreciate everyone being patient with my schedule! I have also been getting many inquiries about special orders and I just can't take any at this time, perhaps early August we will see. Not to fret there will be little ones appearing here and there so just keep an eye on my shops.

Also join my Friends of the Trollflings FACEBOOK page (link to the right there) and I update that almost daily. I love to keep in touch with all my trollfling pals, it makes my day!

THANK YOU Everyone again for six great years of trollfling fun, and here is a toast to another six! (and another, and another!) :)

Troll wishes,

Amber Matthies

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Amanda said...

Congratulations on 6 years! xoxo - Tiny