New Trollfling Art Print

I am extremely proud of our newest art here from Edgehill.

Trollflings, in cartoon form!

Long I had imagined what one might look like, but never saw it come to life. I had the vision in my head...I see them in my dreams playing about.

My husband Aaron is an we got to work. Days and days of collaborations..getting the eyes just right...the hair and expressions and he came up with the loveliest little girl I had seen! It was indeed a Trollfling, by george he had done it! He said that he could do it and indeed HE DID. I am so goshlucky proud of my husband and his art...

How could we not share this with everyone??

Tiffany is now available in a limited edition print of my husband Aaron's adorable sketch but only 50 and then they are gone! Each print will be signed and numbered by Aaron. To order please visit my artfire store
There will be a new character that will debut after Tiffany's departure...and I got to take a peek at him. He is adorable!
Much love to everyone, thank you! Have a truly magical day!

Amber Matthies

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