New Dragon Trollfling babies

I am extremely proud of our newest little dragon babies. They are not too much different than my cloud dragon babies of the years past, but they are more baby and troll like...big eyes really tug at your heart!

I hope to have them around for quite some time, and Happy to introduce my newest little dragon baby, Xin! A little firedragon troll baby, who is ready to celebrate the Chinese new year. He has cherry red hair and shining eyes...such a dream!
Please take a look at the link below if you would be interested in adopting our little Xin.
Got other cute trolls in the works for this week including, a beautiful princess with a dragon pet...a special baby snail (A Wonderland themed piece) and of course, more dragons!

We are still SNOWED up to our eyeballs here in Ohio so I am trying my best to sculpt as much as I can to make good use of my indoor time! Oh to be here soon...please Spring HURRY as fast as you can!

Remember there are always trolls to adopt in my Artfire shop, links to the right there. We would love any new collector friends, always happy to have you.
The Trollflings (TM) by....
Yours truly,
Amber Matthies

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aquariann said...

Eeeee, how utterly adorable!!