Greetings to all-Snow and other stuff

Hi everyone, it's the world's worst blogger here. Just thought I would drop a line to say hi to all our new follower friends.

Well looks like we are looking at yet ANOTHER winter storm here in cold Ohio. I feel for my brother who is about to get another 20 inches of snow on top of the 20 inches they had just two days ago. The mind just boggles to think of it, almost four feet of snow, in Virginia??

Stay warm Zach and Kylie.

Just goes to show you, things could always be WORSE! Much worse :) Now most people might think snow is lovely but not me. I grew up in the South, and I think it is horrid stuff. Dangerous to drive in, a pain to shovel and pretty much puts my active self on pause. I like to be out and about here and there, and snow just gets in my way!

Rolling along with the little trolls, have another mermaid in the studio joining me this week, she should be available for adoption by Friday. Took a good long look at my supplies and they need organizing too. Seeing as I will probably be snowed in again by time like the present eh? :)

So everyone in the Eastern US and elsewhere getting snowed in, we are with ya. We don't care for it either.


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