Goblin Monster Trollfling Scotty and his bear !

One thing you might not know about me is...I love bears. When I was a child I used to dream about having a grizzly bear as a pet...and had a stuffed Grizzly bear named Grumble. I still collect little bears to this day. While having a grizzly bear as a pet isn't practical (obviously) I still love them. I see a grizzly bear on the nature channel and I have an overwhelming urge to hug it!

Scotty loves his bear and won't let it go for anything. Now my little Goblins and trolls that hold bears or other little stuffed animals is inspired by my son who treats his stuffed animals like gold. Avery has such a caring heart and it shows in every single little thing that he does.

With that I present to you, Scotty! He is available for adoption in Ebay.

I am the world's WORST blogger and I will be the first to admit it, BUT I hope to be able to post more often as the cold has locked me inside (for the most part). On any warmer day I could conquer the world but hey, I grew up in the South...this cold is NOT for me! :D

Much love,

Amber Matthies

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