The Trollie Troll animals are now in CDHM

Hey everybody!

I am super proud and happy to announce that the Trollie Trolls now have their own gallery at CDHM. Custom Dolls, Houses and Miniatures is a wonderful miniature organization we are have been involved with for seven years, the best place for miniature artists and collectors.

My husband Aaron is the creator of the Trollie trolls...animal cousins to the Trollflings! Aaron creates all kinds of rare and sweet little animals but (in my own personal opinion) the cutest being little guinea pigs in funny silly costumes! Guinea pig pirates, faeries and gnomes.
So head on over to his gallery and check out the superior cuteness! Aaron is also available for special if you had a cute animal in mind you would like to have...feel free to contact him in his CDHM gallery. Follow the link below to visit Trollie trolls...

Thanks again everyone!

Troll hugs!
Amber Matthies

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