Happy Birthday Zach

It's my brother's 28th birthday on Oct 22nd. My baby brother!

My little brother is one of my favorite people in the entire world. He served in the US Navy and has done two tours in Iraq aboard the USS Ashland. We both love scary movies and Halloween. He can make me laugh until I feel sick, he is so funny! Even though we are states apart from each other he always remembers his big sister and calls me just to talk. I always feel better when he is around.

Zach became engaged a couple of weeks ago , and I started to cry a bit. My little brother is not so little anymore, but I see it more as...I am not losing a brother, but I am gaining a sister! (Love you Kylie!)

I love you Zachary. I hope you have a Happy Birthday.


La Bohemien said...

The picture is very beautiful
Appears from the 50!
Best wishes to your brother's birthday and to you for the new sister ^ _ ^

Peldyn said...

Congrats on Zack's engagement!