My newest Faerie Pixie, Jenilynne

Jenilynne reminds me of a very famous faerie! Can you tell??

Jenilynne knows, boy does she know!

Everywhere she goes "Hey are, Tink?"


No I am not but thanks yoo so much for askin! Perhaps she is her long lost cousin, who knows? ;)

Jenilynne is a sweet soul, with a fun yellow hairdo and the prettiest little wings. Green a flirty fun pose. Such a dollbaby! She is 2.5 inches high from the stone to her ears, and she is not removeable from her base.

Her base was handsculpted in a stone clay mix, and I really love creating stone bases for some of my faeries.

I have been working SO very hard on making the trollfling's faerie wings just as special as they are. Jenilynn has crystals on her wings and the nicest microsparkles. Just adds a bit of magic to the faerie kids!
Jenilynne's creation is dedicated to my longtime friend and mentor Marlene...founder and creator of CDHM.ORG...Custom Dolls, Houses and Miniatures. Marlene, I love ya. Your friendship means so much to me.

Jenilynne will be available for adoption for the next three days Oct5-8th in Ebay.

Amber and Jenilynne

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La Bohemien said...

I love her pants! She's beautiful!