What about a dragon?

I asked my husband one day while sitting in the studio "Well sweetheart what should I make next?"(takes a look around) and he thought for a moment.
"What about a dragon, you haven't made one of those in a while."

Yes. Well what about a dragon then? How would he know you ask? He is my book-keeper. Every single troll that goes out our door, he records it in our books. Not only is he incredibly tall, smart and handsome, he is also our accountant. He was right. There hadn't been one of my dragons for quite some time.

That has changed. I sculpted our Miss Adelea just yesterday and she is lying on a pumpkin. A dragon of the fall....a very sweet dark pink girl with a fall like headpiece and swell matching hair. She is in a photo with Sissy the Ghost Trick or Treater girl. Sissy is available in my CDHM shop now.
Adelea will be in Ebay until Saturday Sept 26th
Adelea the Pumpkin Dragon Fairy

Hope you are all having a fantastic day today. Life is short, so keep on smiling.

Amber and the Dragons

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