Trick or Treat Trollflings

Daniel is going out for Trick and Treat in HalloweenTown! BOO!!!

Been busy here in many halloween ideas!
I had been out "crafting" as I call it, and found the neatest little things. I always try to draw inspiration from things I see out and about...colors...even little trick or treat costumes.

I created a costumed Troll named Daniel! Daniel is a BAT and is ready to go out looking for treats. Normally a pumpkin bucket would be orange...but I decided to make his a neat green.
Daniel has the best costume on the block and is READY for some fun!

Daniel will be available for adoption in Ebay on the afternoon of September 17th but will share his photo with you now. Daniel is a really big guy (in trollfling standard) almost three inches high to his pointy bat ears! He loves his friends and loves Halloween most of all!

Daniel you are sure to win the costume contest, just look at your super wings!! (hee hee!)

To visit Daniel visit here

Thanks everyone for coming by to visit!!!

Amber and the Trollflings

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