Halloween doings

Hallo there, just a little update for anyone who was interested what my family and I have been up to this week. It is after all our favorite time of year and we are happy little trolls.

Been putting out my halloween decorations this week and wanted to share something that I made with everyone. This is something that I do for fun.....floral work!

A long long time ago I used to help my mother out in a floral shop when I was a young teen. She taught me everything that I know about floral design and was lucky to have such a creative mom and boy did my mom show me some things about having "an eye for color". Little did I know then I would use that same knowledge when I was older and became an artist.

I teach my own children everything that I can about creativity, and using their imagination to make their surroundings beautiful. I created this wreath with the help of my 6 year old Sophie and my five year old Sam. We proudly hung it on our front door for all the little goblins and ghosties to enjoy.

Hope you are all having a Happy Fall and Halloween season so far!
I will be sharing my newest little faerie boy here with you perhaps tommorrow...a little stone faerie trollfling :)

Have a super day and hope to see you again very soon!

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