Fall Faerie Trollfling Girl "Autumn"

My bigfootie faeries, I get a lot of mail about them. Asking about them,..and when new ones will be available. Real happy about that! You see they are the largest troll that I create, but I don't create them very often. I will tell you I put hours and hours into every single one. They are extremely special, and each and every one has a different theme it seems.

Over the years I have probably created 2-300 hundred of them. Some of them are still so fresh in my mind as if they were still here and I will admit that I miss them sometimes!

Anyone who knows me knows that I love Fall. The colder evenings, visiting my mom's farm and picking pumpkins. I also have six little ones so trick or treat is always the highlight of the season too. Boy there is not enough blog for me to explain how much I love it. I created a new Fall Faerie Bigfootie Troll this week inspired by my favorite season.

Autumn is available for adoption in Ebay if you would like to visit! Click my EBAY ART AUCTIONS link to your right to see her description.

Thanks so much everyone. Bookmark my blog to visit again sometime. Would love to have ya.

Trollfling hugs
Amber Matthies

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