Be still my heart...A bat!

I created a bat that will literally make your heart go pitter pat!
A handsome boy named Ferguson. A green sparkled sweetheart with mouselike feet and tiny little teeth. He has a sparkly long tail and big brown eyes! His wings were created especially by myself with super secret method and are gently poseable.

I create my tiny bats on occasion but they are indeed rare. Ferguson here is so very photogenic, he is happy happy! The biggest grin you have ever seen!

Ferguson is kindhearted and loves every single living creature. He is nocturnal put the cookies away or you will wake in the morning to find them gone!

Ferguson is under one inch high to his ear but so very big in spirit! He has truly captured my heart, I hope you love him also!


Ferguson has been adopted by our trollfling pal Mary! Thanks so much Mary we know the trollflings have such a super home with you ((trollfling hugs!)))

There are also other little trollfling troll kids who need good homes also if you were interested!

Have a great day now, and come back to see us again soon!!!

Amber and Ferguson

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