Trollfling Troll Frog Witches

I love witches. I really really truly do. I cannot (or maybe won't?) sculpt a conventional witch doll. What about a frog??

I have three of my own pet frogs in our koi pond. Well no really they aren't mine they are free to come and go as they please...they more like invited themselves. They give me the shifty eye most days then hop into the water, but they are mine and they have names. Chickie, Javi and Pickles! Chickie is a chicken he runs whenever he sees us, Pickles looks like...well a pickle and Javi is a big green brave fellow who deserved a more warrior like name. Sometimes I see animals in the wild and imagine them in costumes. Mostly because I am weird like that. Javi would have a spear and shield if he could, I just know he would.

I thought to myself, a frog in a witch's hat. Maybe with colorful hair and a fancy type hat. My frogs also have SHIFTY magical eyes as frogs like to keep their eyes on things at all times. Due to their cautious nature I imagine! Can't say that I blame them. There are a lot of snakes out there.

The first Troll witch frog of this year was Yuli and the second being Wendy! Wendy is for adoption in Ebay right now if you would like to visit her. Follow my Ebay auction links on the right. Of course also you are free to request your own special witch frog, just message me through my website.

Hope you are all having a swell Fall (or summer?) season. Do write if you can.

Trollfling wishes,
Your friend

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Felcidia said...

I love frog, and this frog is very very cute! I love her!