Gothic Goblin Boy "Yurloc"

I struggled for a good long while to what Yurloc actually was. I wasn't sure myself! When I list my little guys in my shops for adoption, they always ask for titles.

Yurloc was a difficult one for me. He is one of those super rare little troll kids that is beyond, definition. I really let my imagination take over with tiny Yurloc. Every troll I make has my heart, 800 percent.

You see this little cutie had so many characteristics of the trolls that I love. The little goblins, the monkeys, the bats...and of course the beautiful glittery wings! HIs sad little face, most definitely a goblin, but please look at the ears! ALso a bat ! He has to be. If anything is the epitome of what I love about my little ones, Yurloc is it.

I am very happy and proud to present little Yurloc to you. Whatever he is, he is loveable, and sweet....and now looking for a home!

Visit him here!

Thanks for visiting today and be sure to stop back on by to read about more cutie Trollkids. Each different...and each made with love by myself!

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