Bindi the Monkey Fairy for Adoption now

One of the biggest monkeys that I have ever created. She has to be seen to be believed! She sits two inches high total so would be four inches standing! A bigfootie Troll, a monkey fairy girl!

If you would like the chance to make her your own she is available for adoption now at Ebay.
Bindi the Monkey Fairy!!

I just love creating the monkey trolls, especially their cute monkey feet!

See you soon! I will try to post as often as I can from here on out...time permitting! I know I am just terrible about updating my blog...shame on me! :D

Troll wishes!!!

Amber Matthies

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La_Bohemien said...

Excuse for my English, I'm an Italian girl! I have found yours ooak on youtube and has been love at first sight! They are very sweet and I admire very mutch your job!