My new Blogsite, Please see!

For years it has been my honor to be a member of CDHM. Custom Dolls, Houses and Miniatures

And in my time there I have seen this wonderful organization grow and grow, many fine artisans meet collectors and the vice versa! With the growth of our organization (as well as friendships) something new and totally fun has been added. Artisan blogs!

I have my own there now, that I am so happy with. I get to meet so many other talented artists and people every single day through my website and CDHM blog! You can also meet and greet cute Trollflings, like little Muffin the Cat up adopt from my CDHM gallery. There is a link in my blog to my CDHM shop.
If you would like to see for yourself, visit me there! I update as often as I can. I am not very PC saavy( as some of you might already know!) but I do try! I appreciate all the super notes and comments I get from you all, you keep me going. You keep me smiling!

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