Featured Artist- Haunted Miniaturist Aaron Matthies

This is my very first featured artist on my blog, my husband Aaron Matthies.

Aaron has been creating his haunted trees for many years but has recently begun to sculpt them again! My husband has been creating with me for many years....haunted dollhouses, dollhouse spooky miniature plants and his larger than life miniature trees. Most average around 3-4 inches high.

The Trees are wonderful dolls in themselves, each different than each other.

I am very excited to have his trees in my shop at Etsy.com

I can truly attest to the many hours he spends designing, sculpting and handpainting each one. I am so happy to share the love of polymer clay with my husband.

If you would like to special order a spooky tree you can do so! Leave a note at my website on the contact page.


There is also a Spooky Tree available in my etsy shop right now...the link is below.

Haunted Spooky Tree

Have a Spooky day!

Amber Matthies

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