Woodland walk fairy basket tutorial

Miniature Floral Fairy Basket/Beds for Polymer Faery faes

Woodland walk
Wow some of the basket selection at your local craft store is NOT FIT for faery babies. That is where you step in! You can alter those high clunky tall and awkward baskets into something resembling a fine bed for a wee faery child. I can show you how.

Hallo everyone it is me Amber Matthies, here again to show you a few things if you want to sit along. I create my tutorials much as if you were sitting here right along with me, chatting and creating. It's fun. It's fun to share. I can dig it ;)

1. Remove the bottom and handle and lay to the side as shown.
2. Using some cloth covered BROWN wire (available in the floral arranging section) add the bottom back to the basket but a bit inside so lays flat. Free stitch tightly back onto the circular basket hoop. All the way around, and using the empty areas between the weaves (like sewing) Stitch , stitch!!

3. Hoorah! Look! Now it lies flat no more bulky bottom! Reglue the handle back into the very bottom securely to shorten it. I use Aleene's tacky glue with my floral and basket work. Strong hold, low toxicity.

Floral Fantasy work TIP A:

My first tip to you about fantasy floral designing. Do not just rip a piece off your moss sheet and plunk it down inside your floral work. You do not want the clunky. Does not look natural! You want it to look gathered as if a faery had harvested it and added it herself for her babe to lay in. Those tiny details is what will make your work stand out as "faery authentic".

Stretch it a bit! Take out those large pieces of mud and trim as much of the brownie stuff off as you can. Throw out the pine needles and sticks (save the sticks for your nests!) Just takes away from the beautiful green of your sheet moss. You pay dearly for that green, use it! (trust me I know!)

I am a professionally trained florist of over 10 yrs experience but I work on the tiniest scale. It is SO fun but a challenge.

4. Now is a fun part you might all know. EMBELLISHING..think again faery authentic for those of you who like the classic look (like myself)

I added one of my yarn swaddled weekins to the basket, and she is comfy as can be! A butterfly came by to take a peek, aww how sweet! Imagine yourself on a woodland walk and found this basket resting on a log! That my friends is the magic of faery! You will find a bit of your own style coming through in your work and that is SO important. YOu want to create with your art something that came from your heart. I can help you with the technical jazz....please come back to see us soon! http://cdhm.org/users/trollgirl is where you can purchase this piece

Now remember to use and share this tutorial as you like but not for resale! Copyright Amber Matthies 2007(or the Gunnagitchees will gitcha!;))

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