Fantasy tree, what will you be??

Ah it is to be a Wizards' Tree! The best part about starting to sculpt a tree is, I never know how it will end up! Mean or sad, evil or kind....the tree creates itself (I am just the hands ;))
Here is the nose...yep...moving along nicely...keep smoothing! The opposite end of a paintbrush is good at smoothing larger noses...(keep that in mind)
Upper lip, it's very important! Upper lip creates movement as in a laughing smile or singing, or speaking (think about your own upper lip moving when you smile or speak)
Hey how's it goin? The weather is fine here today. I heard there may be snow moving in """" Now wait. Back to business! You need a face sometime today fine sir!
Eyebrows convey emotions. Think of your own eyebrows when you are upset or happy, or sad...they go up and down and move along with your eyes.

A bit jovial? It works for me! Perhaps questioning? Add a beard and you shall have........................

I laughed a good while at this...Sean Connery! I swear it was not intentional. It just goes to show you, that the clay takes on a life of it's own sometimes. I do on occasion sculpt trees that look like various moviestars completely by fact... once I had a tree turn out to look like William H. Macy. (one of my favorite actors)

My blog does say "fantasy sculpting" so I will be back here and again with some fun photos and tips for you I can share.

My formatting isn't perfect, I am not tip top on html and all that jazz...but I hope you enjoyed today's post. Remember to stop by sometime if you please, to see more original creatures!

Keep in the clay and you will find magic there!


Here is our fine King Arthur tree giving counsel to a wee Trollfling!(handsome!)

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DaraArt said...

Thats a great insight into how your amazing creations are formed. What great personalities emerge for you :)