Dasher and Chrissi Trollflings and " The Candy Cane"

Dasher Reindeer and Chrissi awoke Christmas morning to find Santa had left them two big candy canes!
Dasher quickly ate his up...but Chrissi the Sweet Potato wanted to take one small bite then finish the rest later. Now in Trollflingland, one knows NOT to let their candies lie around, another troll will take it. Chrissi held onto her Santa gift very tightly...she wouldn't even let go of it to straighten her Christmas hat! Dasher sniffed the air a bit then whispered to himself

"Candy cane...nummy"

"Now Dashers you alreddy ate yors!" Chrissi had said quite matter-of-factly.

Dasher scooted a bit closer...closer still....eyes on the prize...ever still closer...transfixed on the red and white stripes (it is dazzling)

" I am warning yoo buster! Yoo are muh frend but this is my candy canes!" Her grip tightened on her candy cane, so much so she almost snapped it in half.

Dasher scooted just a teeny bit closer(he knew now he might be pushing his luck) and gave Chrissi his best puppydog eyes. Dasher's Scruff bear stepped in a bit closer too. *scoot*

Chrissi at this point began to feel nervous and had thought to herself
"SIGH, I should have eetin this earlier! Ok Dasher and Scruff, you win. "
She also remembered that part of the magic of Christmas is sharing with others and did allow Dasher to have a tiny bit of it before she ate it herself.
I hope you all have a Very Merry Christmas and try to come back to see all the cute Troll Christmas stories! I guarantee they will make you smile and laugh.

A special thank you to my wonderful trollfriend Julie for letting me use the photos of her Trollkids Dasher, Scruff and Chrissi for this story!

all trollfling stories photo and text copyright a. matthies 2007-2008

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