Ghostly Trees

Spooky scary trees!
Would you want to run into this fellow on your next woodland walk? Well I would...maybe. When I was listing him I could almost hear him mooooan!

One of the biggest things that I ever sculpted even though he was only about eight inches tall. He was filled with mosses, sticks and silk leaves. White sculpey then aged several times...I created this tree over two years ago.

One of the very first trees I had ever created and there has since been four or five dozen after him but my thoughts always return to my first. Sometimes a piece of our art will stay with us a while and this one is a fine example.
I had been given some advice to keep the first of any new line that I create and now I know why!

He is not for sale he has found a wonderful home and hope this Halloween and all of those hereafter, he will bring his new owner joy as he has brought me such fond memories.


Soapylove said...

I'm definitely starting to get into the Halloween spirit, and your tree is perfect for that!

I have "tagged" you for a little game on my site - check it out and participate if you like!


Mariella said...

Sooo sweet and lovely, way to go Amber!


Mariella said...

OPS, I left my comment "under the tree" and not "under the gnome" ... silly me!