Shy Jack!

The First Troll Pumpkin of the season! Two inches high, a wonderful jack o lantern with a troll's face!

I created both Jack and Smoth the Ogre Pumpkin for sale this week in my shop and the Halloween spirit is in full swing(even if it is early) here in Edgehill.

Q: What is Edgehill?

A: Edgehill is the area of my town that our studio/home is in! Edgehill is on all the old original rodiron street signs and sounded such a fitting name for our Troll art! Trollflings is what they are called and Trollflings originate in "Edgehill" by myself :D

Smoth the Ogre is a cunning fellow with two jack o lantern snaggleteeth! He is appropriate for dollhouse scale as he is an inch and a half tall. A Monster of a pumpkin!

Would you look at those ogre monster ears! I wouldn't trust him, he could be up to something!
Keep your spirits high! Wish on a star and all that wonderful stuff and I will see you again soon!

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Morrgan said...

Both of them look great! Shy Jack's smile makes me melt. ;)