Vikings! Brave Viking Trolls!

The vikings are coming!

I have been working on some new things and I am REALLY REALLY enjoying my little viking heroes!
This little guy here, Gunnar was created for a dear friend of mine and I forgot how much I loved them!

Scruffy little trolls with a brave spirit! My hero!

I have also been creating Gnome trolls which I adore so very much. In fact I kept one for my very own, sweet little Timothy!


Amanda said...

eep! vikings! trolls! blogs! huzzah!

Barbra said...

Too cute. Good luck with your blog-great start.

Shelley said...

Gunnar arrived safely today! He's the cutest thing I've ever seen but ssshhh, don't tell him that because he doesn't seem to like being called cute. He's a warrior, after all.

He was a bit tired after his long journey but some hot broth and a cold lager helped to perk him up. Should I be worried about his mumblings of conquering this new land?