Wake on up! Spring is here!

Well after a long loooong winter, spring has finally arrived! This sweet little sleepy head will hopefully wake up soon to see everything bloom.

The spring Show at Dottie's was really great! I met a lot of fantastic people, and everyone got to meet the trollkids with an "AWW HOW SWEET!"
We did our job! Made a lot of people smile!

The Trollstones are BACK in my etsy shop. I sell out of them each year, and at every single show. They come in families, in pairs...babies and moms and dads...I think that people can really relate to them and their different expressions!! I know they are surely sweet. I am happy to create them. They are created simply for the joy of creating tiny families and having fun.

I will try to be better about blogging! Have been working so hard to prepare for this show, and there will be another show in the Fall (again thanks to my pal Dottie of Patty Cake and Morning Glory) and also A TON of exciting developments for Edgehill....so please stay tuned to see all that is going on!

Spring is also a time for reflection! I have also been busying myself with new inspirations...caring for my plants and tending the garden. My sister will be married in October so this year our pumpkin patch will be switched up a bit with GREEN pumpkins in lieu of the orange for her harvest themed wedding. They are already sprouting. We shall see how they do.

If you haven't stopped by my Etsy shop lately please do so! There are plenty of cute trollfling trolls that need good homes! As always DON'T HESITATE to contact me with any comments! I appreciate each and every one!

See you later!!


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Spring is my favorite season!