Young at heart always

I will explain a bit about the song I chose for the Trollfling mini film.
Young at Heart is a beautiful song and has always been one of my favorites. It is from the film starring Frank Sinatra and Doris Day titled "Young at Heart".

I highly believe that if you stay young at heart you will never grow old, that you stay young in spirit. I am happy and proud that my trollflings will be forever young, and always loved by those who adopt them. They have a special way of making you feel happy inside.

Life does get more exciting every single day for myself, because every day is a new opportunity to love and be loved, and of course to create the sweethearts you see here. When I look back on the dolls I have sculpted so far, it is so wonderful to see their photos and think about how much they almost seem to come alive in their smiles. They have such heart.

So, with that being said...I hope you enjoy! :)

I wish to thank my collectors because they are the very best...and for making my dreams come true :)

Troll wishes and love always,
Amber Matthies

Click here to view the film

The Trollflings-"Young at Heart"

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