Cupcake night

Normally I write about my trolls and my art but I thought I would share something fun about me and my family.

Being a mom of five, I set aside special time for each of my children to spend with just me. Each of my kids has a different interest and I try to encourage them. My son likes to mix batter and things because he hopes to be a chemist/scientist someday.

Avery and I made cupcakes for Big Daddy and the sisters. We also made an icebox cake for Big Daddy with M+Ms.

Make it a point to take time out for yourself and your kids because life is sometimes crazy. My children are my life so it is a pleasure for me. My son is my best pal because even in the loneliest/saddest of my times in my long distant past, he would walk into the room and remind me of what is really important. He will always be there for me.

Making cupcakes also means something as the baker, gets to eat the very first one. (it's only right!) My husband often tells me my cupcakes look "professional" but seems as if Avery has the cupcake gift too. (see above photo)

Many blessings! Amber Matthies


Amanda said...

ooh, yummy! i love that you make special time for each kid - that is so special.

oddist said...

I couldn't agree more T. I do believe the children are the future. Got any cuppyckes left???