Whoa Nelly!

Bucky was a dragonfly trainer, and he and his dragonfly girl Nelly were to be in a really big All- dragonfly show! Stunts and aerials, and the trollfling with the best dragonfly trick would win a gold trophy. A GOLD TROPHY! (Trollflings take shiny things VERY seriously)

Nelly however, was not yet too stable to fly being she was still a youngling! She was a golden Dragonfly therefore could turn the best tricks (or so the pet book said) but when Bucky adopted Nelly he had no idea just how goofy she was. All she wanted to do was laugh, giggle and have fun.

Bucky tried his hardest to get her to stay adrift she just kept trying to hug him the entire time.

"Nelly's you gots to try" Bucky told Nelly but she kept smiling at him and making a "meep eep" sound. (wings fluttering)

You see Nelly just wanted to make her Bucky smile. Sure she wanted to win the All Dragonfly award but being with Bucky was much more importants. So the moral of this story is, all that glitters...is NOT gold! (or golden dragonflies or trophies) but the love we give and share every single day.

Dedicated to my son Avery who spent the better part of his summer studying dragonflies near our pond and who loves all creatures great and small.

Bucky and Nelly's story copyright A. Matthies 2007

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Glenda said...

Oh my goodness!!! That is just too sweet and Nelly reminds me of my Isabella. Although she isn't a golden dragonfly, she has the personality of little Nelly. Bella is my cocker spaniel. She and brother Beauregarde a daily doses of smiles. I just love your little creatures and thank you for the smiles they bring. Happy New Year!!! Glenda

oddist said...

Oh that silly pants Nelly. What are we gonna do wit her???