A flying Trollfling Troll!

This is a funny doll for me to create this week seeing as I was on an airplane just a couple of days ago. Those of you closest to me know that I HATE (with a capital H) to fly. It is super scary and I can't stand it. I have had way too many run-ins with storms and turbulence, I think I am an airplane jinx!

I imagined that if we all had wings the airline industry would suffer greatly. If I had real wings they would most likely be a shiny pink, green or teal....or maybe wings like Zora's!

Zora is a Flying Trollfling and she is available in my Artfire shop. I hope you like her! If you would like your own Flying Trollfling in your own style and colors please contact me, I do enjoy making them and they are my own original design. The very first Flying Trollfling faerie was created in 2005 and Zora is only the third ever, the second flying Trollfling belongs to my daughter Roz and it flies over her bed!

You can find Zora here http://trollflings.artfire.com/ and if she isnt' there she is sold. BUT I will be making another one within a week or so. So check back later if you can't find one!

Thanks! See ya later!

Yours trolly,

Amber Matthies

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