True love is blind-Strong Kongo and KitKat Kitten

I wanted to write a bit about my newest doll. You see sometimes when I create something, it is truly from my heart, and is inspired by my everyday life.

My husband is my light, the love of my life

and recently, he has found a new friend. A homeless cat named Tom. Tom has seen some pretty bad days, but found a wonderful friend in my husband. I get tears in my eyes just thinking about it.

It is so endearing to see my big strong husband with such a soft spot for homeless cats...I created Kongo and KitKat. Kongo found KitKat out in the rain and held her tight. KitKat felt safe for the first time in her young life and has a love for Kongo that knows no end.

If you would like to help out a homeless cat today please visit


to donate what you can

There are thousands upon thousands of homeless cats who need a friend and that friend could be you. Winters are hard for feral and homeless cats and every single day cats that once had a home, are abandoned and on their own.

Thanks so much for coming by and hope you all had a Valentine's day that was filled with love.

Dedicated to Aaron my forever Valentine


~B.Z. said...

You are just the sweetest Trollfling I have ever known !

And because I love you so much ....

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Anonymous said...

dangit trolly, between you and your kitty tales and those Pedigree Adoption Drive commercials, I'm gonna be a total puddle of goo. Oh wait, I already am.