Fantasy Faery Rose Blooms~Ah Romance~!

Wow. After working for YEARS on trying to make my own flowers...I am so happy with the new roses I have come up with for my trolls and fantasy art.

Miniature long stemmed roses! Aren't they swell? I am so happy with them. I am normally not the type to puff myself up, but I am so excited to have created something every faery or fantasy artist can use.

They are made one at a time by me..and boy are they tiny! The stems are two inches long and the largest roses are a third of an inch wide. They are perfect to tuck into a faery's hand or hair...just wonderfully sweet and romantic looking.

I hope to have some for sale in my etsy shop eventually. I will also be teaching a tutorial at CDHM this April for a much spookier version of my rose blooms. You will have to tune in, to see what we mean! ;)


Amanda said...

Hey, those turned out really great - they are so pretty!

Amber said...

I bet the Blythe gals would love them! :D
Happy Valentine's day Tiny! ((hug))