Autry the Red Antlered Reindeer

Had a very chilly nose! He found a teddy under the tree this year....and it was JUST what he wanted!

Inspired by my friend Judi AKA Kibbles
who has donned her red antlers since the auction she ran for a pair of dog antlers to benefit the animals who were lost and injured in Hurricane Katrina so many years ago. Her friend Gus the Brittany was the fashionable model for those antlers, and Judi was able to raise quite a lot for those pets lost in the storm.

The red antlers are a reminder of the love and care Judi shows animals each and every day. I am honored to have been Judi's friend for many years through C.D.H.M.

Autry is available for adoption here

with a portion of the profits going to our local animal shelter here in Troy Ohio.

Judi you are a good friend to me and wanted to honor you in my own small way. I hope we are friends for a long long time!


Quiltedblessings said...

OMG, love Autry, how freaking cute!!! (and yes, those adorable little antlers remind me also of kibbles!!!) Great job as usual!

Sandra Eileen - Artisan Jewelry For Your Good Life said...

How sweet of both Kibbles and You.. :)

Lisa said...

Autry is adorable!!