Halloween Love!

Normally when I create a couple set of Trollflings, it is usually a trollfling with a pet or toy. Never before has there been a Trollfling couple! Halloween love is the best kind!

Inspired by Mary Shelley's Book about a mad doctor's creation....Frankenstein's Monster and his Bride! A night out at the movies is just the thing to get into the Halloween spirit! A double feature, complete with popcorn!

A unique set of trollflings, my first ever monster couple who is to say it will be the last? :)

I have plans to be Lily Munster this halloween to entertain the neighborhood children, so the hairstyle on Mrs. Frankenstein is extra cute to me! Click their photo to visit the auction and read the story for yourself.
Thanks for coming by today, and be sure to come back soon to see another enormously sweet Halloween monster set!

Amber Matthies
The Trollflings


Sandra Eileen - Artisan Jewelry For Your Good Life said...

They are oh so adorable.

potatobird said...

OMG, they are amazing, Amber! Your creations are the best!

Ben Can Dance said...

Frankenstein's Monster and his Bride are absolutely ADORABLE! I wuv them to death.

You are very very talented. :)

The Dangerous Mezzo said...

These manage to be both adorable and scary -- too cute!